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January 1th - 3th. and A friend pulling day.
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AM 8:30 - PM 5:00

How to use


After arriving at the crematory, Please submit "Cremation permit" and "Odawara city crematory Usage Permission Application form"at the reception.
Please note that if you do not submit the "Cremation Permit", you will not be able to cremate.
After the cremation is over, Please receive the stamped "cremation permit". (This "cremation permit" is required when a enshrine in columbarium.)

(2)Ceremony room (Farewell/Inurnment)

Photo stand, incense and charcoal is prepared.If necessary, please bring flowers and photos etc.
We regulate "Burial articles", They causes damages for cremains, long-time cremation, malfanction of cremator and unusual oder.
Please be sure to contact us before cremation, if a deceased person has a pacemaker.

(3)Waiting room

The Capacity of a family room is about 40 people per room.
One room is available for each cremation in principle.
It is not available for meal at the end of moarning period.
If you want to use two waiting rooms: for example, in case that you have over 40 persons, please check "2室目希望" ( = you want to use two rooms) at reservation system. we will inform you if you can use two rooms or not untill 17:00 at the day before.
※Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the reservation status.
You can use a waiting room until inurnment. If you receive the information that the inurnment has been prepared, please come to the farewell room with all your baggage.


How to reserve

(1)Reservation from funeral directors.(Limited to cremation of corpses and dead fetuses.)

At the odawara City crematory, for funeral directors (registration required) We have introduced a reservation system that can accept reservations 24 hours a day on the Internet.
Please request the reservation of cremation to funeral directors when you order a funeral to them.

※For adults, children, and stillbirths after 7 months (24 weeks) of pregnancy, Please note that cremation can not be performed until it has 24 hours passed.

(2)Reservation from individuals

When you want to use a crematorium, please make a pre-reservation by phone. After that, please go through the procedure to, Please apply for a cremation permit (death report) at the municipal offices. Please call the following phone numbers during the reception hours.

Telephone reservation 0465-34-4909 (Odawara city crematory)
Reception time AM8:30 - PM5:00

(3)Reservation of cremation for organs etc. and a reburial

You can make a reservation only by phone.

Reservation system
(Reservation status)
※Written in japanese only


Usage fee

Category unit Citizens, etc.※1 others
Cremation room Corpse over 12 years old 1 body 12,000 Yen 80,000 Yen
Corpse less 12 years old or dead fetuses. 1 body 6,000 Yen 40,000 Yen
Organs, etc. 1 room 2,000 Yen 13,000 Yen
Morgue※2 1 unit 3,000 Yen 16,000 Yen
Waiting room※3 1 room 5,000 Yen 10,000 Yen

※1 A user whose address (In the case of cremation of a corpse, the address at the time of death of the dead) is Odawara City, Minamiashigara City, Oi Town, Ashigarakami District, Matsuda Town, Yamakita Town or Kaisei Town, or Hakone Town, or ashigarashimo District.

※2 Use is up to 48 hours or less

※3 You have to pay this charge when you use one more waiting room. (You can use one waiting room by free.)

※4 There is no exemption for welfare clients.


Burial articles

Please do not put the following burial articles in the casket.
(The ashes cremains gets dirty, Cremation takes time, and Cremation failure, It may cause a foul odor.)
(If these items are in the casket, we may remove them.)

Spray can, Dry cell, Canned goods. (They could result in expolosion and damage for inside of cremator.)

Glasswares, ceramics, metals, etc. (They could result in cremains with grime generated by melting them.)

Plastics, rubber products, etc. (They could result in cremains with grime generated by melting them and air pollution.)

Fruits, alcohols, juices, etc. (They could cause an unusual oder.)

Books, papers, blankets, cotton bedding, etc. (They makes cremation hard and a lot of ashes generation.)

Fresh flower water absorption foam, etc. (Flame-retardant substance), dry ice, etc. (They causes cremator malfanction by incomplete combustion.)

※ If a deceased has a pacemaker, please be sure to contact us.
  Cremation of a corpse equipped with a pacemaker, etc. may explode.
  Please consult with your doctor to remove it in advance.
  If it is unavoidable that you cannot remove it, please contact us.

※Please note that it causes problems in inurnment by the condition of the corpse and the effects of burial articles.

Pamphlet about burial articles
(Request for reduction of burial articles)


Precautions for use

【Precautions for using the Crematory】


・Please decide the funeral procession for the reservation time (visit time).
・Please do not put the items in the casket as described in"Request for reduction of burial articles" in the casket.
 (It may cause the cremains to become dirty, the cremation time to take a long time, the crematorium to malfunction, and the generation of offensive odors.)
・When a deceased has a pacemaker and artificial bone, please contact us. 。
・When making a reservation for cremation of organ etc. Please prepare the following items and make a reservation by phone.
 ※Odawara city crematory Usage Permission Application form
 ※Certificate of medical institution (doctor)

2.About the use of the waiting room

・After using the room, please put it in order, and if you use tea utensils, wash them and put them back.
・You can bring your own food and drink, but you can eat and drink them only in the wating room.
・When you bring your own items, please be sure to take them and your garvage home with you.
・In case of using catering, long-time of serving and tidying could make a problem for users which use the same room before and after, so cooplate finishing them ASAP.

3. About items for sale

・The following items are sold at the store / reception.

Items for sale Alcohols (Beer, Sake, Shochu, Non alcoholic beer)
      soft drinks (Oolong Tea, Orange juice, cola,etc.)
      Snacks, Diapers (for adult / baby)
      urns (2 sun / 3 sun)

4. Others

・Smoking is prohibited in the building.Please use the designated smoking area.
・Air conditioning is set at 25 to 28 degreeC for cooling in summer and 22 to 24 degreeC in winter from.
In addition, Cool Biz is adopted in the summer, Staffs will take off their jacket.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Q.Is it possible to bring meals into the waiting room?

A.You can biring your own items, but it is not available for meal at the end of moarning period. When you bring your own items, please be sure to take them and your garvage home with you.
When you brought own Items or garbage and leftovers into the building, please be sure to take it home with you.
Drinks and snack are also sold at shops and vending machines.

Q.Can a cremation certification be issued?

A.It is possible.
Please fill in the "Cremation Certificate Request Form" (downloadable from this site) and apply to the crematory. In addition, an item that can confirm the identity of the applicant (※1 issued by a public institution) and a fee (300 yen) are required. we can also accept the issue by mail. Please contact the crematory.
※1 You need a varifivcation doccuments with your faoce photo (Driver licence, passport, My number card (surface only))

Q.Is it possible to funeral in odawara crematory?

A.Very sorry. You can't do it.

Q.Is there a limit to the height of the car?

A.The maximum height of buses that can enter the entrance (piloti) is 3.5M.

Q.I'd like to ask for a split cremains.

A.Please call us,After coming to the here and completing the procedure, we will issue a cremation certificate for split cremains.

Q.What kind of inurnment is performed?

A.At Odawara city crematrium, you can perform an inurement of cremains from tray.Staffs move cremains from a trolley to a tray at backyard.Upon your request, you can choose the style of inurnment which cremains is direcly moved from a trolley.Please ask us in booking.

Q.Is it possible to charge mobile phones, game consoles, electronic devices, etc. from the power outlet in the facility?

A.Please refrain from using it for anything other than staffs.

Q.Is it possible to cremate animals?

A.Animals cannot be cremated.


Usage permission application form

Application forms required at reception can be downloaded from the reservation systems' page on the homepage.

Reservation system
(Reservation status)
※Written in japanese only

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