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〒250-0055 Kuno 3664-8 Odawara city Kanagawa pref
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Reservation system
Opening time
Open AM 8:30 / Close PM 5:30

Structural scale
Steel frame 2 stories
Total floor area
Crematorium quantity

9 units
Maximum casket sizeStandard size(8 units) Length 2,200mm × Width 700mm × Height 650mm
Long size(1 unit) Length 2,300mm × Width 700mm × Height 650mm
Farewell room (First floor)
5 rooms (Farewell/Inurnment)

Regular items Thuribles, Bells, Vases, Chopsticks, Chopsticks stands, Photo stands, Altars

Waiting room (Second floor)

9 rooms(Capacity 40 persons : 8 rooms, Capacity 24 persons : 1 room)

Regular itemsElectronic pots, Paper cups, Trays, Tea pots, Tea bags  

Stall (Second floor)
Soft drinks, Alcohols, Snacks
Waiting room for Funeral directors
1 room for each floor

Regular items Tables, Chairs, Progress monitors

2 units
Elevator for Caterer

1 unit (For Catering service)

It can be used for catering and bringing beverages.

Morgue (first floor)

Cold storage for corpse (2 spaces) 1 unit


First aid room (first floor) Beds are provided.Available if you feel sick. Please offer to the staff.
Changing room (first floor) You can fix yourself up your clothes.
Kids room (second floor) Kids room is installed playgraoud equipment.You can watch your children from a waiting hall.
Nursing room (second floor) Diaper changing bed. There is a nursing room separated by curtains.
Vending machine corner (second floor) A vending machine is installed to servel bevarages.
Rest room (First floor, Second floor) There is a multipurpose restroom that can be used by wheelchair users.

For standard-sized: 67sites, For bus: 5sites, For Handiccapped: 2 sites

Layout drawing

■Entrance hall (Piloti)


First floor

■Ceremony room


■Entrance hall


Second floor

■Waiting room


■Waiting hall


Pollution measurements

■Performance test result

Item Concentration at the exhaust stack outlet
Odawara city crematory Guaranteed value for pollution prevention※1 Measurement results in Nov /2022※2
Sulfur oxide 15ppm or less 15ppm
Hydrogen chloride 38ppm or less 12ppm
Nitrogen oxide 130ppm or less 93ppm
Dust 0.005g/㎥ or less Less than 0.003g/㎥
Dioxins 0.4ng-TEQ/㎥ or less※3 0.13ng-TEQ/㎥
  • Guaranteed values and measurement results are conversed to those in oxygen concentration of 12%
    (Average values per one process from the start to the end of cremation.)
  • ※1 Numerical value is guaranteed by Taiyo Chikuro Industrial Co., Ltd. (crematorium manufacturer)
    which is member of Odawara city crematory PFI Co., Ltd.
  • ※2 Measurement date:8th. Nov / 2022
    Measurement crematorium:Cremator of No.5
    Measurement point:exhaust stack
  • ※3 Ministry of Health guideline value:Average 1 ng-TEQ/㎥ or less

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Kuno 3664-8 Odawara city Kanagawa pref
 TEL : 0465-34-4909  FAX : 0465-34-4915
 OPEN : AM8:30 / CLOSE : PM5:00
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